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If You Can Dream It, You Can Make It Happen. We Did!

Because of our belief that every young scholar can reach their full potential with willpower, help, encouragement and guidance despite real challenges in their life, the men of TDI were inspired to create a teaching resource that gives empowering stories of their lives from childhood to college to young adult and into successful professional careers. Our new book, It Was All A Dream, is that resource.



This book offers:

  • Inspiration to young men who find themselves dealing with life’s adversities
  • Impactful true stories of how eleven (11) African American men pushed themselves for success through hard work and healthy relationships
  • Aspiring real-life application for those who help young people identify ways to see the journey of life through a broader lens


  • This book was authored as a collaborative resource to inspire young leadership and transform dreams into reality.
  • This book provokes conversation on identifying ways to deal with inner-city crime and injustice
  • This book shows support for Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) all across the country, with Alabama State University being the starting point
  • This book is geared towards young adults, parents of young men, college professors, educators in urban communities, community clubs, and churches

It Was All A Dream is ideal for group studies, authors/presentors, book clubs and those interested in developing young men for success. Make sure to purchase your copy of It Was All A Dream today!

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