High School Program


TDI Mentor Program for high school aged (13-18) students is a local community based group mentoring program utilizing the book “ It Was All a Dream, accompanying workbook and the Dreams Seminar as the foundational tools.  The focus is three part – impartation, execution, and exposure.  This is a one year mentor program to help young boys learn how to achieve their dreams.


The Need For Mentorship:

Mentoring creates meaningful connections that can positively impact the lives of both mentor and mentee. Those who receive mentorship are more likely to see improved academic, social, and economic prospects. Those who mentor are able to build important leadership and management skills, while giving back to their community.  There are 46 million young people, aged 8 – 18, living in America. 16 million of them are growing up without a mentor. That’s one out of every three young people who, outside of their family at home, don’t have a trusted adult who they believe they can turn to for advice and guidance. Of those young people, 9 million face a variety of day-to-day challenges that put them at-risk for falling off track. That means that mentorship matters.

Source: MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership


What TDI is responsible for:

TDI will be present to present the initial DREAMS Seminar to kick off the program and recruit mentees to sign up for the program. TDI will provide all administrative forms needed such as applications for mentees and mentors, parents waivers, and contact lists. TDI will provide access to its founders and members to serve as consultants to jump start the program, assist in teaching 1-2 sessions (where applicable), provide program support and recommendations for exposure trips, and train all program volunteers.  TDI will use it’s own curriculum (It Was All a Dream) and will train local volunteer mentors on how to use the curriculum and organize program. The TDI program is a group mentoring (not individual) and volunteers are responsible for meeting with the mentees only during the times allocated.  We do NOT provide individual one on one mentoring as part of this program.


What organization is responsible for:

Providing a venue for the initial kick off activity (Dreams Seminar) and instruction sessions, promoting the program to potential interested students and parents, and helping to secure budget for the program.  Other costs for the program (may be raised by outside sources) which will vary and can include transportation and expenses for field trips, food for the mentees, books and workbooks for each participant, shirts for participants (mentors and mentees), supplies, and other resources deemed necessary.  Organization is also responsible for recruiting mentors to serve as coaches and chaperones (One coach should be assigned to serve as instructor  each week and one assigned as facilitator  (welcome, MC for the day, ensure day flows according to the agenda). 


Program Overview:

Program will consist of 12-15 sessions that focus on instruction (impartation) and practical application with field (exposure) trips.  All sessions will start at 10am and conclude by noon except exposure trips.  Times for trips will be provided at least 2 weeks in advance.


TDI Expectations for Mentees

TDI believes men should be ACCOUNTABLE for their actions at all times.
▪   Mentees should follow all expectations listed without being told
▪ Mentees are responsible for bringing their book, workbook, folder with required assignments to every session
▪ If you are going to miss a session for some reason, it is your responsibility to call one of the mentees not your parents. 
TDI believes men should be LEADERS and not followers.
▪ Speak from your own experience. 
▪ We encourage participation and independent thinking so the goal is not to agree; but it is to gain a deeper understandingof the concepts taught.
▪ We expect TDI mentees to ensure their fellow brothers uphold the guidelines of the program.
▪ If mentees have a question or don’t know something, then it is your responsibility to ask for clarity or help.
TDI believes men should be PREPARED
▪ Mentees should make sure they arrive 15 minutes in advance for each session and be prepared to learn when session starts.
▪ Mentees should come to each session prepared by having read their assigned chapters of It Was All a Dream before session.
▪ Have completed whatever assignments distributed from the last session and brought it with them.
TDI believes men should be RESPECTFUL at all times.  
▪ Raise your hand and be recognized before speaking. 
▪ No speaking when the facilitators are speaking.
▪ Listen actively
▪ Be conscious of body language and nonverbal responses.
▪ Personal attacks or abuse on others whether it be physically, verbally, or emotionally will NOT be tolerated and WILL be cause for IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL from the program. 
TDI believes men should be WELL KEPT
▪ If a certain attire has been communicated for a session or field trip, then we expect mentees to meet that expectation.
 If for some reason, a mentee doesn’t have the required attire, then mentee should inform one of the mentors before that date so assistance can be provided.
▪ TDI shirts will be required for all exposure trips (shirts provided) but it is the Mentees responsible to ensure the shirt is ironed and shirts tucked in before going out.
▪ Mentees should ensure their hygiene is in tact before attending sessions (teeth brushed, bath, deodorant, etc.)


January 2018 – TDI sponsors field trip to Atlanta for visit to Jetlinx and CNN for high school and college students

For an exposure trip, on January 20th, all of the high school mentees were taken on a charter bus to Atlanta, GA. The high school group was joined by some of recent graduates of the TDI college program as they attended Jetlinx Private Jet Company to learn about the company and principles for executing goals from the President and staff.  Afterwards, they were taken to the CNN Omni Hotel for a group mentoring session with TDI.  Finally, the trip wrapped up with a site tour of CNN studios before returning to Talladega.  TDI would like to thank the following sponsors of this trip: Camelot Limousine and Bus Charters, Lonnell Williams of Bank of America and author Timothy Fields.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Mentees @ JetLinx


October 2017 – TDI starts it 1st ever local mentor program for high school students in Talladega, Alabama

The first ever TDI Mentor Program for high school boys held its kick off at Talladega Spring Street Community Center.  TDI Mentor Program for Talladega high school aged (14-18) students is a local community based group mentoring program utilizing the book “ It Was All a Dream”, accompanying workbook and the Dreams Seminar as the foundational tools.  The focus is three part – impartation, execution, and exposure.  This is a one year mentor program to help young boys learn how to achieve their dreams.  For their first exposure trip, on October 23rd, the mentees were taking to First Bank to learn about financial discipline, banking, and credit.

Inaugural TDI Mentor Program mentees


September 2017 – TDI presents DREAMS Seminar at Talladega High School

In Talladega, AL. On September 1st, TDI was invited to present their DREAMS Seminar to the entire student body.  At this seminar, TDI announced that they would be starting their first TDI local high school mentor program in Talladega and made applications available on site.  Afterwards, the TDI members also participated in the local elementary school career day event as well.

TDI Mentors 
July 2017 – TDI releases its 1st 2nd book project entitled It Was All A Dream Workbook.

In preparation for their newly developed high school mentoring program for boys in Talladega, AL. TDI released the companion workbook to their book “It Was All A Dream”.  The workbook will be used as curriculum for their local programs and can be used by other organizations as well for their mentor programs.  The workbook is available on Barnes and Nobles.