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 D.R.E.A.M.S. Seminar

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2017 D.R.E.A.M.S. Seminar @ Alabama State University

Mentorship Program and Scholarship Award

The Turning Dreams Into Realities Mentorship Program was established to support the collegiate financial and developmental needs of young men attending college who have a desire to make positive change in the world after college.  This mentorship program was created in the spirit of what defines TDI yesterday, today and tomorrow, which is the embracing of fellowship and strong relationships, the desire to have fun, and the assurance that all endeavors are performed in excellence. Scholarships are one of the main elements included in the TDI Mentorship Program and unlike most scholarships, in addition to providing financial support, TDI plans to assist in providing internship opportunities for students.  A limited number of students who are not awarded scholarships can still participate in the Mentorship Program.  Equally important, the TDI Mentorship Program will also provide opportunities for students to receive invaluable leadership coaching and guidance by assisting in activities such as public speaking events, fundraising programs, and business development planning.  In addition to leadership development and business acumen, TDI cares about sharing lessons learned from its member’s experiences in an effort to reduce the risk of mentored students making the same mistakes.  We want to form life-long personal and business relationships with our mentees.  For more information on the TDI Mentorship Program, see our website at www.tdi2r.org.

The Turning Dreams Into Realities Scholarship Awards are always awarded to deserving students. Scholarship Award recipients receive their scholarships each semester as long as they maintain their eligibility based on the requirements outlined below.  Scholarships are generally provided to underclassmen (for example, entering their freshman year) as well as upperclassmen (for example, entering their junior year). The TDI Scholarship Award provides for an initial scholarship pledge of up to $10,000 through the year 2020.  Participation in the TDI Mentorship Program is one of the requirements to continue receiving scholarship awards each semester.  If a scholarship award recipient fails to maintain the scholarship award requirements at any point during their college career, the allotted scholarship awards for that given year will be made available to other participants of the Mentorship Program.  In addition to providing annual scholarship awards, TDI plans to provide one-time scholarship awards as well as non-traditional awards such as tablets, airline tickets, and other types of non-monetary support.  TDI recognizes that student financial, academic and developmental needs can vary; thus, our program has been designed to fill as many gaps as possible by providing mentorship, scholarships, and many other opportunities throughout a student’s college career.

Outreach Programs

Turning Dreams Into Realities is a unique and mission driven organization dedicated to assisting people turn their dreams into reality. Through our story and brand, we help people turn their dreams into reality by developing or enhancing leadership qualities, equipping people with tools for professional growth, or coaching habits for success. Below are examples of offerings, programs, seminars or workshops provided by TDI.

  • The “Unwritten Guidelines For Success In College”
  • Interest & Skills Assessment
  • Money Management
  • Networking & Relationship Management
  • Interview Coaching & Techniques
  • Resume Writing
  • Career Camp

Here is the link to the Scholarship application! The TDI Turning Dreams Into Realities Scholarship Award Application