2017 Highlights

Summer 2017 – TDI supports their mentor with summer internship.

TDI mentor and scholarship recipient Tyrell Hart was rewarded with an summer internship with Fedex in Memphis, TN.  TDI was able to support him by securing lodging during his stay in Memphis courtesy of New Direction Church and also supply him with transportation for the entire summer. He received a 5-star performance rating for his work and he was recently offered a Associate Programmer Analyst position with them, amongst many others.


July 14, 2017 – TDI President Jeremy Spratling is recipient of Alabama State University 2017 Advancement Award


July 2017 – TDI releases its 1st 2nd book project entitled It Was All A Dream Workbook.

In preparation for their newly developed high school mentoring program for boys in Talladega, AL. TDI released the companion workbook to their book “It Was All A Dream”.  The workbook will be used as curriculum for their local programs and can be used by other organizations as well for their mentor programs.  The workbook is available on Barnes and Nobles.


August 2017 – TDI presents DREAMS Seminar at Alabama State University Fall Convocation

TDI was invited to be guest speakers at ASU University College Convocation on August 31, 2017.  The board members presented their DREAMS Seminar to the freshman student body as part of the Labor Day Classic week activities.  After the convocation, TDI held a private lunch and learn session with ASU faculty and ten selected students.


September 2017 – TDI presents DREAMS Seminar at Talladega High School

In Talladega, AL. On September 1st, TDI was invited to present their DREAMS Seminar to the entire student body.  At this seminar, TDI announced that they would be starting their first TDI local high school mentor program in Talladega and made applications available on site.  Afterwards, the TDI members also participated in the local elementary school career day event as well.


October 2017 – TDI starts it 1st ever local mentor program for high school students in Talladega, Alabama

The first ever TDI Mentor Program for high school boys held its kick off at Talladega Spring Street Community Center.  TDI Mentor Program for Talladega high school aged (14-18) students is a local community based group mentoring program utilizing the book “ It Was All a Dream”, accompanying workbook and the Dreams Seminar as the foundational tools.  The focus is three part – impartation, execution, and exposure.  This is a one year mentor program to help young boys learn how to achieve their dreams.  For their first exposure trip, on October 23rd, the mentees were taking to First Bank to learn about financial discipline, banking, and credit.