Making a Difference

November 2016

Special thank you to Raamel Mitchell from Microsoft for purchasing 100 copies of “It Was All A Dream” for the young men at the IFLS Conference. Their support and employee match will help us provide more scholarships to students at HBCUs. To learn more about our organization or to purchase copies for your students, please visit today.
October 2016 – TDI Presents DREAMS Seminar as part of Texas Women’s Empowerment Foundations’s International Financial and Leadership Summit
On Friday, October 7, 2016, Turning Dreams into Realities was invited to present their Dreams Seminar in conjunction with Microsoft as part of Texas Women’s Empowerment Foundation’s International Financial and Leadership Summit.
July 2016 – TDI releases its 1st book project entitled It Was All A Dream.

In Birmingham, AL and Talladega, AL on back to back days, they held their official book release event. This book chronicles the lives of 11 of the board members of TDI from childhood to adulthood on how they overcame stereotypes, challenges and other obstacles to achieve their dreams of success. 100% of the proceeds of this book help fund the scholarship and mentorship program.

 Mentee Tyrell Hart was awarded the scholarship during this event.
April 2016 – TDI speaks to youth at a career day hosted by Valiant Cross Academy in Montgomery, AL.
Members of TDI were invited to be the keynote speakers at VCA career day where the students learned about their careers and steps they took to achieve success.

Click here to watch the video! today.

April 2016 – TDI presents DREAMS Seminar on the campus of Alabama State University
In addition to presenting seminar to College of Business and College of Arts and Sciences, they also hosted a private business luncheon with select students from the seminars to discuss etiquette, networking and relationship management.


December 2015 – TDI provides suits and shoes for two of the programs first two graduating seniors as a graduation gift. Sean Freeman and Cornelius Warmack successfully graduated from Alabama State University with degrees from the College of Business Administration. Sean took a job in Atlanta, GA and Cornelius was hired at ASU.
November 2015 – TDI Board Members selected to speak during Annual Career Day in Montgomery, AL for 2 consecutive years – 
On May 1, 2014 & November 2, 2015, TDI Board Members participated in Career Day hosted by Alabama State University.  The members shared their experience with career selections and instructed students what they look for in hiring new employee.
September 2015 – TDI presents a seminar on resume writing and interview coaching & techniques
August 2015 – TDI participates in the Historically Black College Forum (HBCU Forum) to discuss the state of HBCU’s and recruitment
June 2015 – TDI along with the College of Business Administration at Alabama State University help sponsor one of TDI’s mentees on foreign exchange trip to China
November 2014 & April 2015 – TDI Board Members and program mentees feed the homeless at shelters in Montgomery, AL


Summer 2014 – TDI helped to obtain two internships for it’s mentees
TDI Receives  Service Award from College of Business Administration – On April 30, 2014, as part of Alabama State University’s College of Business Annual Award’s Program was presented with the Silhouette Service Award.  This award was given for the scholarships and mentoring efforts of the organization

Turning Dreams into Realities (T.D.I.) Announces Scholarship Recipient at 2013 Magic City Classic

During a fundraiser held in Birmingham, Alabama on Friday, October 25, 2013 as part of the 72nd Magic City Classic weekend, T.D.I., announced the first of many students accepted into their scholarship and mentorship program. The recipient is Diezman D. Ellis, a freshman from Uniontown, Alabama. His dream is to obtain his Master’s of Business Administration and then go on to be a Chief Executive Officer of an international company as well as be an entrepreneur and healthcare advocate. After watching both his grandparents suffer from diabetes and having to be cared for by his mother, he is dedicated to helping young people fight obesity through making healthy food choices and exercising daily. He is a member of Alabama State University’s Student Government Association and National Honor Society. He is a former high school athlete, former Jr. ROTC member, and former Kappa League member.

TDI Presents “D.R.E.A.M.S.” Seminar to College of Business Administration

On September 19, 2013 as part of Alabama State University’s Founders Day activities, TDI presented their custom D.R.E.A.M.S. seminar. This is TDI’s flagship seminar that helps students understand how to turn their educational and career dreams into a reality by focusing on certain traits that have been a common thread of success for TDI members: Discipline, Relationships, Execution, Attitude, Motivation, and Sacrifice. The seminar incorporates real and humorous stories that tell the story of how the members of TDI moved from surviving to thriving at Alabama State University in the 1990’s and what we learned in our corporate, non-profit, ministry and entrepreneurial experience.

TDI Presents at the 2013 Survivor Night for Orientation for Incoming Freshmen on Campus of ASU

On Thursday, August 15, 2013, TDI was invited to be guest speakers at the Survivor Night for Orientation for incoming freshmen on the campus of Alabama State University. TDI President, Dr. B. Donta Truss, and Board Members, Jeremy Spratling, Terrence Hall and Demetrice Jones, represented the TDI organization. Dr. Truss and Mr. Spratling each spoke about TDI, its mission and programs, and shared words of wisdom and encouragement to the 450 students that attended. TDI also gave away a $500 scholarship on the spot to one deserving student.

TDI Presents at 2nd Annual HBCU Forum in Prattville, AL

In July 2013, TDI was invited to be guest speakers at the 2nd Annual HBCU Forum in Prattville, Alabama. TDI President, B. Donta Truss, and Board Members, Jeremy Spratling and Tyrish Garrett, represented the TDI organization and each spoke about their college experiences at Alabama State University and the impact that it made in their development as a future educator, entrepreneur and corporate executive, respectively.

TDI Presents at Ramsey High School

In April 2013, TDI Board Member, Jeremy Spratling, presented a workshop on leadership and the future beyond graduation to high school seniors at Ramsey High School in Birmingham, Alabama.

TDI Presents at Boy Scouts of America

In February 2013, TDI Board Member, Jeremy Spratling, was invited to be a guest speaker at local Birmingham area Boy Scouts troop. He discussed the importance of education and community work.

TDI Presents “Turning Your Dreams into Realities” Seminar for teen entrepreneurs

In October 2011, TDI Secretary, Ramone Harper, presented a workshop entitled Turning Your Dreams into Realities at Kingdom Business Conference in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. In this workshop for young entrepreneurs, he instructed those in attendance that it is not too early to start fulfilling your dreams.  By using examples of many young entrepreneurs today, we showed them the blueprint on how to get started and how to be successful even at a young age.  The goal of the workshop was to help young people understand that they can do IT, encourage them to do IT and then show them practical steps to move towards IT.

TDI Presents “MPA or CPA” to National Association of Black Accountants

In October 2010, TDI President was requested to speak at the National Association of Black Accountants student chapter meeting on the campus of Southern Methodist University.  The presentation, titled “MBA or CPA”, was delivered to juniors and seniors at SMU majoring in Accounting and aimed at sharing insight, pitfalls and recommendations on the advantages and disadvantages of either immediately entering graduate school to pursue a MBA or entering the workforce to gain experience before attempting the Certified Public Accounting examination.

TDI Presents “The Unwritten Guidelines for Success In College”

On August 13, 2009 at Alabama State University, TDI presented a workshop entitled “The unwritten guidelines for success in college.” This workshop was part of a partnership formed with Alabama State’s Student Orientation Services (SOS) organization and was offered as part of festivities for the Fall 2009 Freshman Orientation Week. It was the first of many throughout the country aimed at inspiring young professionals to dream big and obtain the support and guidance they need along the way to make that dream a reality. The unwritten guidelines covered by TDI included Discipline, Relationships, Execution, Attitude, Motivation, and Sacrifice. Using a panel setting, TDI presented to approximately 1,000 incoming freshmen and awarded two students with $250.00 scholarships for their participation in the workshop.

TDI Offers Support to Families in Need

In February 2009, members of TDI rallied together and raised money to support the needs of two families in Talladega, AL. affected by a tragic event that claimed the lives of four young teenage girls with promising futures. Many of TDI’s members are from Talladega and collectively the organization felt a call to action was needed. Although small relative to the overall need and suffering experienced by the families, TDI’s prayers and donations were delivered open-heartedly. This action exemplifies three of TDI’s seven core values: God first, family second and giving.

TDI Presents “The Art of Communication” to National Association of Black Accountants

In October 2008, Board member and former President, Marc Desgraves, was invited to speak at the National Association of Black Accountants Southwest Regional Conference on the topic of communication.  “The Art of Communication” was delivered to college upperclassmen from various universities in the southwest and aimed at sharing tips, methods, and lessons learned on effective communication with friends, colleagues, customers, and positions of authority.  All communication channels were covered, which included emails, face-to-face, public speaking, phone calls and client interactions.

Scholarship/Mentorship Program Application

Download the TDI Scholarship Award application. Click here.